[Alpha 0.1.8] Test Updates

By August 4, 2018 June 22nd, 2019 News


Hey guys, well its been a while since i posted anything around here, its definitely been a long summer…
But i finally found some time and started knocking some things out, i can (hopefully) finish 0.1 before the end of this month.

Major Updates:

– Gliding & Glider Pads (Only statically placed pads for this update)
– Dynamic Item Stats (Only weapons for this update)
– Mail System
– Marketplace
– Reworked HUD (Redesigned and re-positioned Health/Shield bars and Minimap)
– Linked forum login/authentication with the game servers

Minor Fixes:

– Added context menu for inventory items (Equip / Send As Mail / List on Market / Scrap)
– Items will now bind upon equipping.
– Fixed many bugs in the Ability Display HUD
– Fixed a couple bugs with EXP display
– Fixed EXP gained from missions and enemies

Still in the TODO list:

– Add a few proper missions
– Add Points of Interest icons to World Map
– Finish patrolling AI
– Finish world encounters / mini missions
– Add crafting blueprint vendors
– Fix Orion void rift ability
– Fix Phantom awakening ability
– Fix Sentinel transcendence revive time boost


– Forum / Discussion Topic: https://forums.wingsofathena.net/topic/5-alpha-018-test-updates-discussion/